Cimarron Gold Legend

Type de Fibre : Huacaya

Sexe : mâle

DdN : 13/06/2004

Couleur: Médium Fawn

Mère : Snowmass Passion Flower, W
Fille de Peruvian Hemingway et de PPPeruvian Passion qui produit constamment des champions.

Père : Mountain Gold, DF

Mountain Gold is from Snowmass' award winning breeding program. Adding crimp, staple length, fineness and coverage to his offspring they are following in his winning footsteps.



Certificats :

ARI : 1417838

CLAA : 37725



Gold Legend's pedigree speaks for itselt. He has 100% Snowmass bloodlines and he is a true to type huacaya by a combinaison of positives traits. He has a symetrical head, spear shape ears, wedge muzzle, correct conformation, substance of bone. When you look into his fleece, he has a high degre of brightness, soft silky handle, long staple length, high degree of density, high frequency crimp style and structure and he has uniformity in micron all over his blanket.

If you want to increase density and had color to your herd, Gold Legend is your boy!

Nous attendons de ses crias pour la saison 2014, nous avons très hâte de voir ses rejetons.

Accouplement: 2,000$

Histogramme :

Date AFD SD CV %>30 CURV Spin Finesse
2005 17.1 3.1 18.0 0.5% 49.2 16.2
2006 21.0 3.7 17.5 1.3%    

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2009 Olds Fibre fair Fleece Show: GRAND CHAMPION colored Fleece, 1st in Class. (âge de 5 ans)