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About us

About Finesse Alpaga Ranch

Mario Roy and Sonia Perron have owned Finesse Alpaga Ranch since 2007, now located in Mansonville, Quebec on 170 acres of property. They purchased their first alpacas in 2007 and now own over 40 double and single registered huacaya alpacas. They have 2 children Julien and Rose. Togerther they share a passion for raising and showing alpacas. There mission is to help breeders by their knowledge and expertise to produce world class alpaca livestock and continue to growth the fiber industry.


Mario Roy

Native to Sherbrooke, he is a bricklayer since 27 years, like his father. He has a true love for country, horses and alpacas. Mario is in charge of all Ranch details and pasture management.



Sonia Perron

Sonia Perron lives in Mansonville, Quebec Canada, she fluently speaks French and English. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Sherbrooke, she has more than twenty years of experience in the field of sales, the last twelve years connected with the pharmaceutical industry.
 In 2012, she began the AOA judging program which she finished as a certified AOA judge for fleece in 2016. She gives frequent seminars about alpacas and translates oral reasons for the halter shows in Quebec.



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Sonia Perron & Mario Roy